Chris Conlon

Internal IO Workshop Schedule (4pm Fridays)

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Date Speaker Title
January 13 CANCELLED Conflict w/ FAS Job Talk: Audrey Tiew (Harvard)
January 20 Hanna Halaburda Will Blockchains Disintermediate Platforms? Limits to Decentralization in DAOs
January 27 Chris Conlon Market Power as Second-Worst Regulation: Post and Hold Laws
February 3 No Meeting
February 10 Chiara Gardenghi Bundled Loyalty Discounts in Health Care: an Empirical Perspective
February 17 Giovanni Montanari Endogenous Inertia in Complex Choices
February 24 Anna Airoldi Ranking algorithms and local online news
March 3 Fernando Ochoa Optimal design of housing vouchers: Evidence from Chile
March 10 (11am) Angela Crema School Competition and Quality Gains from Banning Classroom Segregation
March 10 (4pm) Neil Gandal (Tel Aviv) Brownbag Seminar: Empirically Evaluating the Effect of Security Precautions on Cyber Incidents
March 24 Helena Pedrotti Preferences around Low-Income Housing: Evidence from France's SRU Law
March 31 Linh Nguyen New Durable Goods Adoption with Secondary Market Incentives: Evidence from the U.S. Electric Vehicle Market
April 7 Free TBA
April 14 Daniel Waldinger Market Design in Single-Payer Healthcare: Evidence from Norway's GP Allocation System
April 21 Chitra Marti Competition and Cybercrime
April 28 Kazimir Smith
May 5 Agata Farina
May 12
Sharon Traiberman College Major Choice and Offshoring
May 12
Yinan Wang
May 19 Commencement (no seminar)